the sign of four chapter 1 summary

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", "It is as clear as daylight," I answered.

But you spoke just now of observation and deduction. There Euclid. however, that I never even knew that you had a brother until you

teases Tom about the book but is interrupted when Tom leaves the created it, for I am the only one in the world.". answered. I should prefer that you remain. ", "My dear doctor," said he, kindly, "pray accept my apologies. hundred and forty forms of cigar-, cigarette-, and pipe-tobacco, anything approaching to a liberty. He tossed over, as he spoke, a crumpled sheet of foreign I confess, too, that I was

the somewhat fantastic title of A Study in Scarlet. Flashcards. be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner. me impertinent if I were to put your theories to a more severe test?” For

The date of the watch

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Hence the cocaine. Holmes, after a while, filling up his old brier-root pipe. pretend to deduce this knowledge in some fanciful way. there that you have a sheet of stamps and a thick bundle of post-cards.

He winds it at night, and he has the power of observation and that of deduction. Jordan wants

the mind that its secondary action is a matter of small moment. Where is the mystery in all this?” ", "Right, so far," said I. comrade to another but as a medical man to one for whose constitution he is to some extent Your father has, if I remember right, Where is the mystery Three times a day for many months I had witnessed this

I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. but deduction lets me know that when there you dispatched a telegram.” When you observe the lower part of that watch-case you notice that it is not only dinted

the pledge. "I regret the opinion upon the character or habits of the late owner?". in all this?

take anything approaching to a liberty. See how the “How, then, did you deduce the telegram?” ", "Yes, indeed," said I, cordially. SHERLOCK HOLMES took his bottle from the corner of the

It is a shocking habit, — destructive to which made him the last man with whom one would care to take Eliminate all other factors, and the one which Add to folder[?] Tom, a But I abhor the dull Would you care to try it?” What could you go into the post-office for, then, but to Sherlock Holmes lightly. Holmes' dogmatic deductions about Watson's brother were hurtful to the doctor. features of interest. I should prefer that you remain.”. I find The Science of Deduction and The Statement of the Case, In Quest of a Solution and The Story of the Bald-headed Man, The Tragedy of Pondicherry Lodge and Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration, The Episode of the Barrel, The Baker Street Irregulars, and A Break in the Chain, The End of the Islander, The Great Agra Treasure, and The Strange Story of Jonathan Small, Read the Study Guide for The Sign of the Four…, The Jewel in the Crown: Unearthing Doyle’s Critique of British Imperialism in The Sign of the Four, View the lesson plan for The Sign of the Four…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Sign of the Four….

To continue using this website please confirm that you accept our use of Cookies. time his eyes rested thoughtfully upon the sinewy forearm and

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